for professionals




for professionals

Work, technology, life BS getting on top of you?


Island A

  • Tired and wired 

  • Overwhelmed with tasks

  • On edge and irritable

  • Struggling to switch off and relax

  • Stressed and anxious

  • Having issues sleeping

  • Experiencing tension and pain 

I help professionals like you, move from Island A to Island B.

Island B

  • Access relaxed and healing states

  • Feel more in control

  • Increased energy

  • Confidence in self

  • Reconnected to life priorities

  • Focused and purposeful

  • Stronger in mind and body



Gail Precious

“I was facing a career crossroads. I was in a fairly positive but ultimately static place. I felt frustrated and very impatient. I had a lot of support around me, but I needed to challenge myself and change the way I was viewing the situation. With Ben's help I was able to unpack the frustrations in my head and focus deeper: what do I find valuable and how these value-led elements fit into my life? Understanding these has helped me to make decisions and take those important 'next right steps'.”

—  Charity Coordinator, London  —

Image by José Martín Ramírez Carrasco


We are all facing tremendous changes in our work and personal lives. Pressure from living in a hyper connected world of technology and stimulation has led to the experience for many to be 'always ON’.

While working longer and harder has become the new normal it is common to forget about ourselves. Prioritising our careers and others first, personal care and well-being is increasingly sacrificed as we expect to achieve more, in less time.

With constant pressure to perform, strategise, execute and deliver we can get dragged out of shape easily - away from ourselves, away from our true nature.


Good People, humans - entrepreneurs / managers / CEOs / employees - not robots or zombies 

I work with career focused professionals struggling with conflicting time, energy and task demands that wish to re-balance their lifestyle so they can continue doing what they love. 

Those with a strong work ethic but feeling stuck. They know 'something' is not right and whatever 'that' is, is stopping them giving their best.

Подчеркнул Man
Image by Mille Sanders


Whether overwhelmed, under challenged or unappreciated, work performance is being affected by high levels of stress or dis-ease. Feeling demotivated, apathetic or close to burn out.

Utilizing a holistic coaching approach, we open up the brain (psychology), the body (physiology) and heart (purpose) to re-view, re-align and re-balance your life-LIFE to improve you work-LIFE.


Whether you have clear goals and ideas of success: a better job or title, more money, a new home or family; or if have a feeling of being ‘stuck’ and ‘just can’t take putting up’ with the low level of discomfort.


We co-create a BESPOKE PROGRAM, each coaching session unique for your needs.  Leveraging tested methodologies, whether practical, analytical or creative. A path of self-discovery to cultivate inner authority consistent with your personal and professional goals.

Embracing the relentless issue of 'no time' we explore both what you do and how you do it to implement what works and what will last.

We get you on your feet, with rounds of rapid ideation and editing we can create real-life solutions quickly. This method helps cut the noise and open up intuitive and subconscious beliefs of the speaker. It’s really fun.





This is what it is all about. A holistic approach to the ‘wholeness’ of our being. A desired transformation of authentic change that last forever from head until toe, inside and out. It’s the 1.0 to the 2.0.

Believing the body is an intelligent organism able to self regulate and re-organise. When offered space, its agency will respond with authentic healing which arises from deep within our nature.





We examine the elements of our life that bring us most joy and happiness. When we embrace thoughts, feelings, and behaviour with a focus on strengths instead of weaknesses, we can enhance the good in life, instead of focusing on the bad.



Bringing in the physiological aspects of Sleep, Hydration, Exercise and Diet,

these four pillars of life offer an avenue of inquiry normally overlooked into the health and well-being fundamentals of a client.

Accessing the wisdom of the body by listening to intuition, felt sense and our ‘gut-feeling’, this non-direct approach creates room for the spontaneous helping breaking through old stories, frozen beliefs and stuck patterns of behaviour.



Using all the senses to observe the speaker's behaviour and body language both verbal and non-verbal to help develop a more accurate understanding of the speaker's message.



Mental or physical techniques to

access the other side of the brain.

Excellent and easy ways for the client to be the creator and narrator of their desired future or wanted outcome using imagination, play and expression.


& Roleplay

Working with the mind, body and spirit, we

address the whole 'Being-Human' for accelerated

and lasting change.

If this sounds interesting feel free to click into my coaching to learn more about my approach or about me here.


Does island A feeling familiar? We might be a fit:


If you know 'how it is now' is not the best of you or your vision, but you are not sure where to start? 

If you are ready to prioritize you and your well-being first, while not needing to quit the job or leave the position/income?​

If you are tired of doing this alone and understand getting help is not a weakness, its a positive action towards a better future?​

If you are open to consulting with both body and mind to find answers that are waiting for you to embrace.


Through trust and honesty we create space for fresh perspectives, learning tools and developing positive habits leading to increased confidence and happiness.

Together I will support you to become highly resourced, learning how your brain functions, your body reacts and your motivations are driven.


To trust in your new power when you start to lose yourself; so you can listen to your body, own your flow and inspire others.

I truly believe in the awe-some-ness of human capacity when clients are balanced. We will integrate small changes that deliver big impact.

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