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Mind and Body Intelligence

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What does your body DO when thinking of your problem?

  • Tense up 

  • Feel small

  • Frown

  • Vision Narrows 

  • Contract

  • Heat up

  • Nausea

  • Collapse

In a busy world of 'too much', it is easy to become overwhelmed (feel small), lack confidence (contract), become exhausted (tight) and feel alone (cold).



Trust you gut intuition

Get more in-tune, feel and act from a place of centre.
Wendy's Results: Coaching helped her grow, manage and respond better to her teams' needs.

Build confidence to back your actions 

Feel in control, relaxed and stronger.

 Josh's Result: Through coaching set-up artisan beer company now selling in Europe.

Get a hand on your values and purpose Reconnect to life's priorities, focused and aligned.
Gail's Results: Secured the job of her dreams in communication 4 weeks after coaching.

Step into and stand in your power

Position / Title / Responsibilities. Own your energy.

Steven's Result: Revised physical routine has improved career and home-life with wife and children. 

Happier in head on shoulders

Stop fighting yourself, build congruence and motivation.
Janina's Results: Coaching d
eveloped and focused her inner peace - got organised, got promoted.


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I'm a life coach working a little differently.

Combining the mind and the body, we work with your whole system of intelligence. 


Science has shown the intimate relation of thought and behaviour. When we change our physical, we change our mental and emotional. 


In our work together you will learn how to harness the capacity of your physical body to create change in your internal and external world. 


With the pace of life dictated by technology, instant communications and global competition.  Work-related stress is now acknowledged as an issue affecting all professions.


As the line separating work and life becomes blurred and expectations to perform, execute and deliver grow: all factors contribute to an ever more strained and depleted workforce.

All this can lead us to feel helpless, reactive and overburdened so it’s important to have strategies for working with our body and nervous system.


Leaders of the future: Entrepreneurs, founders, managers to employees - not robots or zombies

I work privately 1-2-1 with career focused professionals struggling with conflicting time, energy and task demands wanting to create strong foundations and cultivate resilience so they can focus on future success.


Or within SME and organisations with managers or teams to building awareness, connections and healthier work spaces.

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Image by Mille Sanders


Utilising a holistic coaching approach we observe patterns of success and problem areas and co-create a unique program for your needs,

Through a process of exploration and reflection to cultivate mind and body autonomy, clients create a sense of centre, empowerment, purpose and self-leadership.​

I support you to embrace your innate wisdom and intelligence to curate an optimal way of living consistent with your personal and professional goals.



Gail Precious

“I was facing a career crossroads. I felt frustrated and very impatient. With Ben's help I was able to unpack the frustrations in my head and focus deeper: what do I find valuable and how these value-led elements fit into my life? Understanding these has helped me to make decisions and take those important 'next right steps'. I now have the job of my dreams in 2 membership organisations at The National Children’s Bureau”

—  Senior Development Officer, London  —

Working with the mind and body we
address the whole 'Being-Human' for accelerated
and lasting change.

 Feeling Familiar?

If you know 'how it is now' is not the best of you and not sure where to start? 

If you are tired of doing this alone, you are ready to prioritise you and invest in your future?​

If you feel excited about reconnecting to your physical body to try something different and fun?

If you are ready to commit to integrate small changes that deliver big impact?

If this sounds interesting feel free to learn more about my approach, embodied methods or about me here.