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Mind and Body Intelligence

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Busy Professional:

What is inside you that needs to be heard?


Island A

  • Tired and on edge 

  • Overwhelmed with tasks

  • Struggling with conflicting voices

  • Lacking confidence 

  • Stressed and anxious

  • Feeling stuck

  • Too busy for self care

  • Experiencing tension and pain 

I support professionals like you to navigate from island A --> B.

Island B

  • Access relaxed and healing states

  • Feel more in control

  • Increased energy

  • Confidence in self

  • Reconnected to life priorities

  • Focused and purposeful

  • Stronger in mind and body

  • Centred, grounded and in-tune

Professionals today are commonly overwhelmed  by demands of tasks, information and expectations. Our work together will support you to tune-in to your body's wisdom & build resilience to be more confident, aware and whole. 



Gail Precious

“I was facing a career crossroads. I was in a fairly positive but ultimately static place. I felt frustrated and very impatient. With Ben's help I was able to unpack the frustrations in my head and focus deeper: what do I find valuable and how these value-led elements fit into my life? Understanding these has helped me to make decisions and take those important 'next right steps'.”

—  Charity Coordinator, London  —

Image by José Martín Ramírez Carrasco


Today workers all over the world are facing significant changes, Work-related stress is acknowledged as a global issue affecting all professions.


With the pace of life dictated by instant communications, technology and increased competition, the lines separating work from life are becoming more difficult to identify.

With longer working hours and higher expectations to perform, strategize, execute and deliver contributing to an ever more stressed and depleted workforce with negative consequences for fair, sustainable, environmentally-sound decisions making.


Leaders of the future: Social impact entrepreneurs / CEOs to junior-managers of conscious businesses - not robots or zombies 

Career focused professionals struggling with conflicting time, energy and task demands wanting to create strong foundations and cultivate resilience so they can focus on future success.

Supporting them to stay on purpose, working towards social and global causes that are building a better world for all of us.

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Image by Mille Sanders


In a world that can lead us to feel helpless, reactive, and overburdened, it’s important to have strategies for calming our nervous system, for managing our internal and external resources, and for creating a stable sense of centre.

Through a process of exploration and reflection to cultivate inner authority consistent with your personal and professional goals. clients learn about themselves, their potential and develop an optimal way of living that supports and benefits both themselves and all around them.


Utilising a holistic coaching approach we look at the mental, emotional and physiological elements that make us human and observe patterns of success and problem areas; we address both respectfully and change what is needed. 

We co-create a PERSONALISED PROGRAM unique for your needs.  Leveraging tested resilience methodologies, whether practical, analytical or creative.

Embracing the relentless issue of 'no time' we explore both what you do and how you do it to implement what works and what will last.

Working with the mind and body we

address the whole 'Being-Human' for accelerated

and lasting change.

If this sounds interesting feel free to click into my coaching to learn more about my approach or about me here.


Does island A feeling familiar? We might be a fit:


If you know 'how it is now' is not the best of you or your vision, but you are not sure where to start? 

If you are ready to prioritise you first, while not needing to quit the job or leave the position/income?​

If you are tired of doing this alone and understand getting help is not a weakness, its a positive action towards a better future?​


Through trust we create space for fresh insight, 

Together we support you to become highly resourced, learning how your brain functions, your body reacts and your motivations are driven.


To trust in your new power when you start to lose yourself; so you can listen to your body, We will integrate small changes that deliver big impact.

I truly believe in the awe-some-ness of you, and your human capacity when in-tune with ourselves.