I am interested in unlocking our dormant potential, developing physical and cognitive skills and cultivating a more robust and caring relationship with ourselves and our environment. I am a big believer in the potential of self, instinct, wisdom and creative energy to transform our experience of life.


It all started when the first punch hit my face…


I was 15 when I got beaten up. Physically the bruises left me, psychologically I was a mess. As my mind declined, so did my body, I got sick, 2 lessons I learnt:

  • The impact (good or bad) one human can have on another.

  • That the mind and body were inextricably connected.


For years, I was unaware it was me who was in control of my ‘story’ shaping my experience. Through working with the relationship with myself, the awareness of my thoughts, feelings and actions, I made the choice for a better life .


I became fascinated by people, their stories and their purpose. To learn more, I traveled around the globe listening, working on 4 continents from big business to early stage start-up, I even started my own business listening to peoples lives and elements impacting them. 

Being exposed to much happiness, wells of sadness and many (many) lost in between. I learnt the underlying thread to success and happiness was known by those that knew themselves best. Those with clarity inside and out. 


I’m passionate in my work to help others put themselves first. To help them listen, to gain clarity and share their gifts. Only when we are strong, can we can contribute to others - whether in work teams, our family, the broader community and even globally.


Honesty and integrity starts with being true to ourselves, acting in a sincere and genuine way to others, taking responsibility for our feelings and actions. Opening up and accepting the good and bad, being vulnerable and authentic.


Playing to our strengths can offer confidence and skill. Find your unique character strengths with this psychometric quiz  -  Try VIA here

Here are mine.

Love of


Life is a constant stream of opportunity to learn from every moment. Whether mastering new skills, tasks or information the tendency to add systematically to knowledge and to grow. Being open to the new can lead to unexpectedly beautiful outcomes.

Appreciation of

Beauty & Excellence

Noticing and appreciating beauty, excellence and performance in various domains of life, whether in nature, art, mathematics or science. Being grateful for what is here and encouraging of that which might emerge.



Being aware of the motives, feelings and actions of others and oneself; and conducting in the best way to fit into various social situations. Using lessons from life, empathy towards someone or situation, using common sense to allow an environment to thrive


Taking an interest in ongoing experience just as it is; finding subjects and topics fascinating; exploring and discovering. Creating and observing connections between different elements


ICF Accredited coach with a diploma in Transformation Coaching and Somatic Coaching. Additional certificates in Positive Psychology, Leadership coaching and Design Thinking. Whether 1:1 or group coaching, sessions are designed and facilitated with the clients personal needs as foundation.  

UZAZU – foundational movement PRO-training - USA

HPI – Design Thinking – Berlin, Germany

The Philosophy School, Sydney, Australia

11+ years of yoga, authentic movement and meditation practice

Animas Center for Coaching (ICF) – London, UK

Somatic school (ICF) – London, UK

Embodiment Coaching course - UK

ACE - leadership coaching programme (ICF) - USA


Below are the two charities that I work with and provide time and support. 10% of all coaching fees are donated to provide for these following worthy causes.